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The new 2024 Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport a higher level with more premium features

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Written by Marco Carvajal

Test driving the new 2024 Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport

Last week I traveled to the cute picturesque countryside city of Catskills, New York to discover and test-drive the upgraded 2024 Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport during the Atlas Media Presentation prepared for a selected group of automotive journalists.

The Atlas is my favorite Volkswagen automobile and it is definitely one of the best SUV products in the US Market.

When you add a beautiful design, excellent architecture and great space distribution, three-rows or two-rows, luxury details everywhere and tons of standard premium features, priced at a low price from $36K to $52K, the result is a great SUV like the new 2024 Atlas and the Atlas Cross Sport that everyone will love to drive.

The Atlas is very successful with around half a million Atlas units have been sold since 2017, representing around 6% of the mid-size SUV market share.

The natural scenery of the Catskill Mountains, also known as the Catskills, in southeastern New York State, set the best scenario for Volkswagen’s introduction of the new upgraded version of the 2024 Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport.

Riding the new Atlas around the Catskill Mountains, part of the larger Appalachian Mountains was a very inspiring test drive to feel the power, precision, and comfortable large interior space of the new 2024 version of this highly expected SUV. Driving the new Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport through mountains, hills, and small country roads was a fantastic drive to enjoy the inside and outside of the new Atlas and enjoy its several new features.

Meeting with Volkswagen executives gave me the opportunity to learn and discuss several in-deep details and features of the new Atlas lineup and understand the differences between the Atlas Cross Sport and the slightly larger Atlas.

The adventurous environment and roads in the countryside helped me discover the impressive updates and new improvements made to these two new 2024 mid-size SUVs.

The Atlas is a great car to drive on any country road as well as on any large dense city, due to its mid-size.

2024 Atlas

Volkswagen provided a fantastic adventurous experience to stay in an Airstream trailer Hotel at Auto Camp Catskills, NY, that serve as the base to test-drive the new Atlas.

This stunning campsite hotel helps you submerge in the vibe of what it means to drive an Atlas on the outdoors, surrounded by nature and adventure.

Driving the new Atlas I discovered new car trim models, and how to use new features that can make one’s life more enjoyable and practical on board this SUV.

The Atlas is a very family-oriented car to bring children and friends onboard and take them for a nice adventurous drive with tons of space inside having three rows and large cargo space. When driving the Atlas you feel power control at your fingerprints and a feel of premium and luxury style.

2024 Atlas Marco Carvajal

New 2.0 Liter Turbo Engine

The Atlas Engine is now more efficient and powerful, a new 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder replaces the previous four-cylinder and VR6 engines, improving performance and fuel economy

This new turbo engine has good power with 269 horsepower and around 28% more torque compared to the previous version at 273 lb-ft of torque.

The 8-speed automatic transmission provides smooth speed changes. The transmission of the Atlas is very efficient and elevates performance. Having eight speeds can help improve efficiency and performance. In Tiptronic mode, you can shift the speeds of the Atlas manually, taking control of your driving experience.

2024 Atlas

According to Volkswagen, the new 2.0-liter turbo engine improves drivability, and improved acceleration up to 0.8 seconds compared to the previous Atlas version.

Towing capacity on the new Atlas remains at 5,000 lbs maximum.

As a result, you have a more efficient engine and more power on the new 2024 Atlas.

The advanced 4-wheel system, Volkswagen’s 4Motion with Active Control all-wheel-drive system is available in the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport models.

The latest-generation 4Motion system is designed to activate before wheel spin occurs, helping eliminate traction losses. This smart four-wheel system achieves its goal by using an advanced control function based on specific driving conditions.

2024 Atlas

Improved Fuel Economy

The new 2024 Atlas has a better fuel economy with the Front Wheel Drive versions consuming 20 MPG on the city, 27 MPG on the highway, and 23 MPG combined, for both Atlas and Cross Sport.

The All Wheel Drive version  Atlas SE and Atlas Cross Sport versions consume 19 MPG in the city, 26 MPG on the highway, and 22 MPG combined.  Some other trims have a slight increase in fuel economy.

IQ.DRIVE is now standard on the Atlas

IQ.DRIVE is a smart package of safety features and driving aids that includes Travel Assist, Active Side Assist, Lane Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop, Emergency Assist, Front Assist, and Rear Traffic Alert.  This smart package is now included as standard on the Atlas.

I love how the new Atlas has so many standard features like IQ. Drive included in the base price.

The Atlas is a safe car, it includes the addition of new driver aids, including a system that can scan traffic signs. This feature can help you know what the speed limit is for the road you are driving and other advanced features to enjoy a safer ride onboard the Atlas.

New Attractive Colors

Look and colors are important and the Atlas has a wide palette of colors available. In addition to the previous colors, now the 2024 Atlas version includes three very attractive colors.

My favorite color is the Kingfisher Blue available on the Atlas Cross Sport, this bright blue looks similar to a marine blue combined with a turquoise color, producing a very attractive color that turns heads but still is a little bit sober.

The new Avocado Green and Pure Gray colors are available on the Atlas Peek Edition.

The regular Atlas that we know has a nice variety of six colors available, the Deep Black Pearl and the Aurora Red are my two favorite colors on the Atlas.

2024 Atlas

Trims and Pricing

The new 2024 Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport are available as Forward-Wheel Drive or 4Motion, All-Wheel-Drive.

Pricing varies from $36K up to $52K depending on the trim model and additional options and packages selected.

A new more rugged Peak Edition trim is available now for the Atlas lineup.

The New 2024 Atlas is offered in six trim levels:

  • SE MSRP $37,725 FWD or $39,625 AWD
  • SE with Technology MSRP $41,665 FWD or $43,565 AWD
  • SEL MSRP $48,445 AWD
  • SEL Premium R-Line MSRP $52,455 AWD
  • Peak Edition SE with Technology MSRP $46,555 AWD
  • Peak Edition SEL MSRP $50,435 AWD


The New 2024 Atlas Cross Sport is offered in five trim levels:

  • SE MSRP $36,715 FWD or $38,615 AWD
  • SE with Technology MSRP $40,655 FWD or $42,555 AWD
  • SEL MSRP $47,435 AWD
  • SEL R-Line MSRP $48,885 AWD
  • SEL Premium R-Line MSRP $51,445 AWD

Destination Charge of $1,350

Prices can vary.

2024 Atlas

Highlights of the refreshed 2024 Atlas

  • IQ.DRIVE Standard
  • New 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine through all the lineup
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • 269 horsepower
  • 273 lb-ft of torque
  • Elegant new interior
  • New LED headlights with standard Adaptive Front-lighting System
  • Illuminated logos and front light bar now available on the majority of trims
  • LED rear lighting continues with a new light strip design
  • Premium materials throughout
  • Soft-touch surfaces
  • Quilted leather seats with a diamond pattern available
  • Upscale cockpit design
  • Trims and decors flow through both doors into dash
  • Available 30-color ambient lighting and innovative backlit dash
  • Standard Climatronic
  • Standard Ventilated front seats
  • Standard Height-adjustable passenger seat
  • Standard Voice Control
  • Redesigned center console storage
  • New screens on every trim
  • 12-inch center display
  • 10.25-inch fully configurable
  • Volkswagen Digital Cockpit Pro
  • Standard wireless App-Connect and wireless charging, available head-up display
  • 45-watt fast charging
  • New dash-cam
  • USB-C ports: 7-seater: 6 USB-C standard (8 available) and 5-seater: 4 USB-C standard (6 available).

Fire Place


The Volkswagen Atlas is a real family car. It has been made with children and guest passengers in mind but also with tons of power for any off-road.

The Atlas is a 3-row 7-seater mid-size SUV providing space and fun inside and outside for all the family on board.  Not only is practical but also it has a luxury feel and it has a very attractive interior and exterior design.  It is difficult to find somebody who won’t like the Atlas.

The Atlas is an American Volkswagen, built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, proudly made in the U.S. This 3-row large SUV has been very successful since it was released in the United States in 2018.

The Atlas has been well-conceived since its beginning, carefully executed, and priced appropriately for buyers in the midsize SUV segment, but the new 2024 Atlas surpasses the expectations with more premium and more standard.

Even if the Atlas is a midsize SUV, I feel I am inside a full-size SUV because of its excellent space distribution approach, this deserves applause for Volkswagen designers.

2024 Atlas

The Atlas is the biggest and boldest Volkswagen ever built in the United States. It is exactly what the American market was waiting for.

The new Atlas model offers new technology and modern premium features not available in previous Atlas versions.

The Volkswagen Atlas was Volkswagen’s first step into a three-row midsize SUV, with a spacious interior and comfortable ride that helped place it in a tough segment when it debuted back in 2018.

The Atlas is an ideal modern family SUV, with 3 large rows, a nice contemporary design, new technology, and fun onboard to keep everyone entertained, good value for the money priced very reasonably, and ready to sell and sell.  There are several small details that make the Atlas ideal for families.

The Two-Row Atlas Cross Sport

The original Atlas version is a 3-row 7 seater, but Volkswagen also has created a smaller-size version of the Atlas, the 2 rows 5 seats SUV, the Atlas Cross Sport. The Cross Sport is smaller than the regular Atlas.

For families and drivers who need more space, the regular Atlas is the right choice. but driving the Atlas cross sport you still can feel tons of space.

The Atlas is a very practical family car and it keeps selling, but Volkswagen understood there was a need for a mid-size Atlas, as this segment keeps growing further in the US.

The brand took advantage of the good sales and name of the Atlas, producing a smaller Atlas Cross Sport in order to keep selling to a new segment.

Most drivers love the large Atlas SUV and the success of the Atlas is expanding into the Medium Size SUV with the new Cross Sport Atlas.

The Atlas has been a success for Volkswagen automaker, sales have reached higher goals than expected.

2024 Atlas

Volkswagen Car-Net

Volkswagen Car-Net allows Volkswagen owners to get connected to their vehicles. The new Atlas features the next-generation Car-Net, introduced in 2020 with an updated mobile app, a long list of no-charge services for five years, and new subscription options.

The advanced Car-Net Services suite will be offered in four main areas: Remote Access, Safe & Secure, Hotspot, and Guide & Inform.

As part of Car-Net, services like Family Guardian services and Roadside Call Assist can provide added peace of mind for all the family. Speed alert notifies the owner when the pre-determined maximum speed limit is exceeded something that can be a great tool to monitor the driving style of children or guests.

If you want to limit the area of driving for your children or guests, a boundary alert lets the owner know when the vehicle has traveled outside of a pre-set virtual boundary.

Curfew Alert notifies the owner if the vehicle is driven outside the specified timeframe, while Valet Alert alerts if the vehicle is driven more than 0.2 miles from the valet drop-off location.

The advanced Car-Net app allows users to control who receives notifications by designating primary and secondary users, with varying levels of control and functionality for each. Notifications can come in the form of text messages, emails, or push notifications from the mobile app itself.

Car-Net services include Remote Access, Car Health Reports, the New Driver program, Safe and Secure, and a Hotspot.

If the Atlas becomes disabled, Roadside Call Assist is available at the touch of the wrench button. The Atlas is a wonderful modern family car connected to very advanced technologies.

2024 Atlas Marco Carvajal

The Atlas competes with the Toyota Highlander, Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Pilot, Mazda CX 9, and Ford Explorer among other SUVs.

The new 2024 Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport a higher level with more premium features

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